What can Richards Massage do for me?

Two Benefits of a Massage

Sunday, December 8, 2019

If you are reading this and are wondering what a massage can do for me let me try and explain in this blog post.

In some circles there are misunderstandings or misconceptions around massage, either seedy or sexual in nature (and of course that is out there if you go looking for it) but in a professional setting the benefits are many. I will touch on two benefits. Firstly, for stress management. Everyone has times of stress in their lives and often this can manifest in peoples muscles, the tight back neck and shoulders, the stiff neck. I see and deal with this a lot. A client would simply say to me "_I am feeling so tense in my neck and shoulders!" _I see great results from my massages with almost always positive feedback post session. I generally recommend a 4 weekly (about once a month) massage as a way of maintaince.

Secondly, to boost immunity: Deep tissue massage, deep effleurage strokes get the blood flowing into our muscles and also stimulates our lymphatic system. This circulatory system carriers out immune responses in our body. It keeps us healthy by fighting any infections that enter our body. This is crucial at any time of the year but none more so than in the winter.

There are of course many benefits of attending a professional Massage Therapist. If you are a first timer and thinking seriously about doing it, you won't regret making this good decision. It would by my pleasure to help you on your journey of optimal health and taking responsibility for a area of your health.

Your best in holistic health.