Tight Calf Muscles.

Try this quick tip to help symptoms.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Tight Calf muscles are common. A commom 'complaint' that clients would come to me with. I love working the calf muscles! Using deep tissue techniques, not just into the superficial gastrocnemius muscles but into the deeper soleus muscles etc (ok this is not an anatomy lesson!)

I want to share with you in this brief blog a quick tip I often give my clients, by no means am I re- inventing the wheel here.

Get a rolling pin (preferably a wooden one) and in either your bare feet or socks roll it up and down the longitudinal arch of your foot. Be sure to get the owners consent first! One foot at a time. The emphasis is on moving deliberately, nice and slowly. Feel the tender spots and stop on them for a while you go 'ouch! thats sore' That sore is ok, its tension and pressure leaving the body.

The theory is by releasing the tendons and muscles in your feet this helps release tension out of your calf muscles. Please note, a static stretch on your calf muscles after working your feet is also advisable.

If you have any further questions for me in relation to this please send me a message on the 'Contact' section of this site. In the meantime, happy rolling.