Tension Headaches.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Did you know a quality deep tissue massage targeting a persons back neck and shoulders is amazing for lifting and releasing the discomfort associated with tension headaches.

Tension headaches normally arise from a build up of muscular tightness in our neck and shoulders and in turn the muscles in and about our cranium. Their can be a number of factors that cause this build up. Probably the most common would be desk working, sitting for prolonged periods at a computer. This has potential for headaches to develop.

Another common 'modern' cause of tension is looking down at our phones. I am guilty of this one, craning our necks and putting strain and tension onto our necks. Chiropractors often talk about the pressure this puts on the cervical spine. I'm not sufficiently qualified to talk in detail about that.

So if you feel the muscular tension building and you're getting tension headaches an appointment with me for a professional deep tissue remedial massage will be the best decision you will make today. Go to my 'book now' icon to make your appointment.