Return to work and my changes

No date yet!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

As I write I haven’t an official return to work date. However, I am starting to sense that with restrictions slowly lifting there might be some light at the end of the lockdown tunnel.

Maybe I’m just being optimistic and with hindsight I might be totally wrong.

There is talk of hairdressers (in England) returning in early July. So possibly I can safely return to work around then too.

However, as you will be well aware in Northern Ireland we are on a different timetable to the mainland and appear to be a few weeks ‘behind’

I requested advice and direction from my regulatory body the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) with no information to date.

Outlined are the clinical changes upon my return. In order to comply with Health and Safety and to provide a reassuring and professional environment.

There is a lot of Covid-19 information on Government websites. To the point where (in my opinion) it can feel a bit over whelming. Trying to decipher what is truly relevant and useful to a Massage Therapist took a bit of work.

My changes as follows:

- A new Health and Safety review has been conducted on my working premises and procedures

- I will be wearing PPE before during and after a session. Specifically I mean a disposable face mask and possibility a disposable apron.

- Throughly washing my hands before and after each client. And each client will be respectfully requested to use some hand sanitiser before and after their massage.

- Fresh towels and coach roll between each client with the massage table/bed to be disinfected with anti bacterial whips and disinfectant spray, especially about the face rest.

-Regular cleaning of the room and removal of all non essential items on display such as magazines and other paraphernalia.

I hope these positive steps reassure you that I am doing as much as is reasonably expected for my return to work

In the meantime I thank you for your patience and loyalty and I look forward to welcoming you back.



**As you can appreciate as I am located within a gym setting (DW ShawsBridge) In normal times my operational hours are linked to the gyms opening times. There is a scenario where I could be allowed to return to practice and the Gym is still closed? What then? **

I have alternative temporary premises to work. Namely “Pringle Chiropractic’ 26 - 28 Holywood Road, Belfast BT4.

**This would be a temporary measure and any changes that occur you will be well informed. **