Postural Assessments

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Here I want to talk about a CPD (Continual Professional Development) course I attended this weekend. Organised by my regulatory body the FHT (Federation or Holistic Therapists) and delivered by the well renowned Physiotherapist Jane Johnson, who had travelled across from England to pass on her experience and knowledge.

Posture and postural assessment is an area I covered during my original Diploma qualification back in 2010, so, inevitably skills had become a little rusty over time. Posture is an area I do address when new (or existing) clients see me. However, I am by no means claiming to be a seasoned professional at it!

Like many things in this life, it requires many hours of practical pratice to skillfiully access a persons posture and then affliate and associate it to areas of tension or pain. What is posture? What is a bad posture? what is a good posture? These questions require considerable thought in order to get an answer. I don't propose going into it here as it is such an indepth topic. All I can say is that I have plenty to learn.

I obtained one of Jane's books "Postural Assessment" I intend to study it to make myself a better Therapist and to add value to myself and my Massage Therapy treatments over the coming weeks and months.

So when you make an appointment with me, it could be I look at your posture and conduct a Postural assessment. This gives me subjective information in which can be used to conduct a higher level of deep tissue massage.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this blog post, it is all my own.