My 3 tips for general mental and physical well being

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

There is plenty of literature available with titles like “How to keep your mind Healthy during lockdown.’

Lots of health professionals conducting ‘Zoom’ conference style calls reaching out to people. These are all fantastic resources, I’m sure you will agree (no, there is no but)!

I want to write this honestly and share the techniques both mental and physical I try my best to conduct on a daily basis.

My first tip and an important one for me is my Hydration. Very soon after waking I’d be getting the water in. My wife dubs me an ‘aqualholic’ and to be fair, she is probably right. It is something that is important to me. Usually I aim for about 3 to 4 litres daily, but if I don’t hit that amount I’m fine with that.

My second tip is to stretch, specifically static stretching. I’m quite addicted to it. For me, it is energising . I have a yoga routine I loosely follow meaning I have standard yoga moves and positions that work best for me.

I have been inspired by Wim Hof or the ‘Ice man’. One of his mantras is breathing. Big deep diaphramatic breaths using your entire lung capacity. It all makes sense to me. A second trend of Hofs are cold showers, they take a bit of courage but well worth it and very invigorating.

My third tip is I try and eat well. Easy to write those words than to do it sometimes. We as a family 99% of the time prepare and cook meals from scratch. There is no doubt it can be time consuming and tough sometimes. But, Ii is time well spent in my opinion. Each week we sit down and plan our meals for the week ahead. This requires organisation and a pinch of discipline. Thankfully these two qualities come reasonably naturally to me.

Nothing outlined above is rocket science. These are the techniques that work well for me. It has made me become in tune with my body. Ultimately you need to find your own cadence and work out what works the best for you.

I enjoy looking at some of the social media platforms. On instagram I follow ‘MoveU’ They have 1.1 M followers with a slogan “Fix yo shit and live free from pain forever”

They must be doing something right. They definably have a lot of credibility in the Sports and Fitness sector.

Thank you for taking the time to read my latest blog and I hope you found it in someway informative.

See you soon