Massage boosts your Immune System.

Fun fact...

Sunday, March 1, 2020

A less known benefit to getting massage is the boost to your immune system.

Our lymphatic system is responsible for carrying out immune responses in our bodies. Lymph flows around our body looking to 'attack' any viruses or 'foreign bodies' that enter our system.

When a person gets a deep tissue 'sports' massage it stimulates blood flow and this in turn moves our lymph about the body.

Because it lacks a pump (our Heart) lymph relies on the blood flow to move it about. In most people this moves freely and well about the body, however in some (the elderly) it can become sticky and sluggish.

Therefore, the more freely and better lymph moves about our bodies, the better our immunity and the more efficient we are at fighting viruses, etc.

Just another great reason to book in for a massage.

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