Marathon training update

Friday, September 17, 2021

Hello, and I hope you are having a lovely Friday.

I wanted to give a brief update on my Marathon training. With just over two weeks to go, I will be tapering down my longer runs after this weekend.

Tomorrow (Saturday) it is my intention to aim for 20 miles, which, for me will equate to around three and a half hours of a jog! It really is a marathon, not a sprint!

This challenge has taken me to new depths in terms of mental and physical preparation. As I write, my body is behaving (mostly) I found after last week that my thighs were really in bits towards the end. It's the repetitive movement that eventually takes its toll. The Massage Therapy (see previous blog entry for whom) I have been receiving (no, unfortunately not from myself!) has been crucial in my recovery and injury prevention.

A brief mention of my fundraising. My nominated Charity is the 'Twins Trust' who provides tireless work and support for families of multiple births, both in good times and bad.

If you visit the Just Giving website and search under the following:

"Richard's Belfast Marathon - Sunday 3rd October 2021"

This will take you to my page, where, if you wish to show your support you can donate.

Thank you for taking the time to read my latest Blog.