I'm a keen cyclist - how would a massage benefit me?

Being active is great, right? A lot of places we look, whether it be on social media or in magazines, it’s all about fitness and training.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Taking all the time out of the metaphorical sweetie jar. Pushing our bodies physically and mentally. However, so often recovery is overlooked and never mentioned.

It is equally as important to give back to our bodies, this is where a professional and skilfully applied massage can transform your recovery, facilitating you to cycle well on a regular and consistent basis.

I was reading a piece only last week in The Times (30/08/2019) about the retirement of German road cyclist and ace sprinter Marcel Kittel. He terminated his cycling contract citing fatigue and a loss in the quality of his life. This is obviously an extreme example at the top level of the sport, but it happens to the best in the world.

It is not my intention to get to technical into the Sport Science, and if I’m being truthful that is not my area of expertise. My aim is to enlighten you on the benefits of massage.

When you cycle, working hard on those hills, the waste product lactic acid builds up in the muscles, (that burn after a hill climb) our bodies naturally eliminate a certain amount of it. But over time it will accumulate and cause fatigue, which in turn can cause injuries. Massage helps eliminate lactic acid and accelerates recovery, reduces injury. Injuries hamper our progress and stall our momentum…frustration!

When we train and exercise our nervous systems are also affected and need time to recover. Massage can also benefit this due to its calming influence. As a general rule it can take a few days for our nervous systems to recover after a hard ride. This is why it is difficult to back up a hard training session with another the next day.

You should view getting a massage as an important part of your health and well-being. Your body is an amazing machine and it needs maintained and looked after. Lifestyle choices about what you eat and drink are important; we all know that, it’s drummed into us. Getting a professional deep tissue massage is less well known.

The general populous mentality is a “no pain, no problem” outlook and that is fine. The best way to enjoy massage is as a maintenance tool. I could argue there is some ignorance around massage and its benefits, therefore a fear of the unknown, a seedy side to it. Never worry, you won’t get that at my massage practice. You have my word it will be a professional and awesome massage.

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