How has it been since my return to work on 10th July

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

I want to write a short piece about my experiences so far of being back to work.

For those of you who don’t know,I returned to work on Friday 10th July. And I thank those clients and friends who have been back and shown loyalty and faith in me.

In some ways procedures and protocols have been similar to pre lockdown. Thankfully my massage skills are still there.

On a side note. That first day back to work, post lockdown, was like the first day back to school after a very long summer break. Thank fully that first client knew me well so was polite and patient with me!

The staff at the gym are excellent. There cleaning and due diligence are very good. Each client of mine has his or her temperature taken (by way of a thermometer gun) prior to the treatment. It has been working well.

As the client enters my working area there is a hand sanitising station on the wall.

I haven’t insisted a client is wearing a mask. I will wear my PPE face mask and under go through hand washing prior to any massage.

I will always ask questions concerning the clients current health and if either they, or any members of their household have tested positive for Covid-19.

Once this has been established I conduct my professional and high quality massage treatment and the client would normally again re sanitise on their way out.

It is as simple and stress free as that. And I hope I have given you a little insight as to what to expect at my Massage Clinic.

If you are interested in making a booking simply selected the ‘book now’ button or, alternatively if you have a question or a query please send me a contact request.

Yours in Health and well being