A little bit of change never hurt anyone.


Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Blogs are all about information, right? Keeping people updated and informed. So, in my own way, this is what this blog will be about. I hope I'm successful in conveying that to you.

Whats exactly has been going on with 'Richard Latimers Massage Therapy' business? Good question. One that deserves an answer...

As a 'close contact' business we (hairdressers and beauty therapists etc) were closed on 16th October under the circuit breaker, which, at that time were to be lifted again on 20th November. This was eventually extended again after much debate to 11th December (which was the date I eventually did reopen)

While this was going on the circumstances at the gym (my location of business) took a sudden change of direction. About the 26th October 'Everlast' pulled out of the gym for reasons I'm not privy too and will not speculate too here. Essentially rendering me homeless.

Very quickly Mr Rajesh Rana and his team at the Crowne Plaza Hotel stepped forward and made their intentions clear they were going to take direct ownership of the premises and move it forward.

Obviously, this was very reassuring news for me as I am keen to be part of this new chapter and have pledged my immediate future to 'Bodyscape' (the gyms new name)

Having been at the location for 10 years now I can honestly say there has never been a buzz about the place like there is at the moment.

'Bodyscape' is opening its doors on Monday 21st December. Which is also the same date I will be relocated back to my original room.

I am currently writing this blog from within Syndicate Room 4 at the 'Crowne Plaza' Hotel waiting for my next client. This is my temporary location for ten days (11.12 to 21.12)

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read this. Can I take this platform to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Christmas. Onwards and upwards for 2021. There are many reasons to be grateful and positive.