About the Clinic


At 'Richard Latimer's Massage Clinic' you will receive an individually tailored massage in a professional, comfortable environment that will target muscular tension and stress. Maybe caused by sport, the gym, prolonged periods of sitting, or from simply living! Everyone, regardless of age, gender or creed can benefit from Massage Therapy.

Richard will build a rapport with you and work hard to help you maintain your bodies optimum health and wellbeing.

"If you don't look after your body, where will you live?" Bridget Bardot


Richard wants to exceed expectations in ensuring you reach and maintain your levels of optimum health.

He strives to impart his knowledge and passion about health and wellbeing and his goal is to ensure that at the end of a session you will be relaxed and in a positive mental and physical state.

His professional and comfortable treatment room is within the 'DW Gym' Shaw's Bridge, located at the rear of the 'Crowne Plaza' Hotel (formally the Ramada Hotel) in South Belfast and is blessed with ample parking. 

The clinic openly welcomes both members and non members of the DW gym.

Established in 2010 Richards Clinic is perfect for anyone who is serious about taking responsibility for improving and maintaining their physical and mental health and wellbeing

Care, empathy, hard work and honesty are guaranteed for every client at 'Richard Latimers Massage Clinic.'


Gift Cards Available

Give someone the gift of relief from muscular pain.
Gift vouchers can be bought with any value.

About Richard

Richard has a strong interest in health and overall wellbeing. He enjoyed playing rugby. But now in his early 40s he enjoys less physically toiling activities like walking, golf, Pilates and swimming. Through his Massage Therapy, he feels he is a making a positive contribution to the health and well being of local society.

In 2008 Richard moved to Sydney, Australia to study at the 'Australasian College of Natural Therapies' and graduated with a 'Diploma of Remedial Massage and Sport'

Since returning to his city of birth in 2010 Richard has established a respected and busy Massage Therapy practice.